Welcome to True Grit Charters

Welcome to the Florida Keys and True Grit Charters. As the name might imply True Grit charters is owned and operated by a top notch guide with a double dose of both experience and tenacity, Captain Lenny Moffo delivers famed local color as well as the fishing trip of a life time. The Florida Keys has it all…. It is one of the most unique and wonderful fisheries in the world, at many times you feel like you are in another country…. The best thing is you never left the United States! The Keys has something for everyone, Captain Len knows all the tricks of the trade to make your trip the best ever.

Captain Lenny Moffo has more than 25 years of experience as a licensed charter boat captain and is one of the most versatile fishing guides in the Fl. Keys because you can fish the Keys in the style of fishing that you prefer. You can fish the flats and back country one day in a 16’ flats skiff and fish the reef or blue water the next day in his 23’ Parker boat.

Fly fishing – Spin fishing – Bait casting

Captain is an expert in all types of fishing an can supply you (free of charge) with the best gear available or you are welcome to bring your own rod and reel.You might learn some new tricks as well as casting techniques that will help you catch more fish in the Keys as well as at home.

The Fishing Grounds

Capt. Lenny lives on Summerland Key, 25 miles from Key West and keeps his boats on trailers so he can fish opportunistically where he thinks fishing might be better on any given day Most of the fishing takes place from Marathon, near 7 mile bridge all the way to Key West and the Marquesas, on the Gulf side as well as the Atlantic side of the Keys